Our Presiding Prelate and Our Episcopal Supervisor

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie
Supervisor Dr. Stan McKenzie
The 10th Episcopal District of the the African Methodist Episcopal Church encompasses the entire state of Texas and has approximately 250 churches.  Geographically, we are divided into four(4) conferences: North, Northwest, Southwest and Texas.  Our Presiding Prelate is the Rt. Rev. Vashti Murphy McKenzie and Dr. Stan McKenzie is our Episcopal WMS Supervisor.  Bishop McKenzie serves as the first female elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  As a team, Bishop McKenzie and Supervisor Stan McKenzie have served the 18th and 13th Episcopal Districts before coming to the 10th District.  They are committed to minister to the spiritual, social and physical needs of God’s people.
You may contact the 10th District Office
Headquarters at:
4347 South Hampton Road – Suite 245
Dallas, Texas 75232
Office:  (214) 333-2632
Website:  http://www.10thdistrictame.org/