President Moore Speaks!
Dr. Rodrick Moore

I am proud and honored that you have selected me to serve as your President of the 10th Episcopal District Lay Organization. 


We can move the lay organization in a way that exudes “EXCELLENCE,” while meeting the challenges that affect our churches and our communities, with your help and prayers.  We will strive for more growth, teaching, training, teamwork and effective leadership in our organization as we advance issues of importance.  As I take on this new role, I look forward to working together on one accord with the officers, laity, and clergy in the 10th District.


Special thanks are extended to all of the committees that were instrumental in making our election successful.  With God’s grace we can serve and lead towards “EXCELLENCE” in the 10th District.


Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to serve as your Lay President. God bless you as we work toward Achieving the Vision of a More “EXCELLENT” Way!


Dr. Rodrick Moore

“But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet I shew unto you a more excellent way.”  –1 Corinthians 12:31