Our Conference Officers

The Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is commissioned to teach, train and empower its members for lay ministry, global leadership and service following the tenets of Jesus Christ.  The 10th District Lay Organization oversees four(4) conferences within the state of Texas.  This section will focus on each conference, their leadership, goals and objectives.  We want you to stay connected and stay informed.
Richard Warren 
North Texas Conference President
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President                                  Richard Warren
1st Vice President                    Open
2nd Vice President                  Open
3rd Vice President                   Open
Recording Secretary                Sandra Richardson
Asst. Recording Secretary       Rosa Hall
Corresponding Secretary        Open
Treasurer                                  William Alexander
Financial Secretary                  Open
Chaplin                                     Open
Historiographer                        Open
Parliamentarian                        Open
Dir. of Lay Activities                  Open
Dir. of Public Relations             Bobby Valentine
Young Adult Representative    Open
Dallas District President          
Tyler District President            
Roosevelt Ellis, Jr.
Northwest Texas Conference President
208 W. Killen Lane
Temple, Texas 76501
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President                                     Roosevelt Ellis, Jr.
1st Vice President                       Thomas Gilbert                
2nd Vice President                      Donnie Thomas-Davis
Recording Secretary                   Shauna Holmes
Asst. Recording Secretary          Mia Gamble
Corresponding Secretary           Sandra Gilbert
Treasurer                                     Vernon R. Clark, Jr.
Financial Secretary                     Ada McKey
Chaplain                                      Marilyn Griggs
Dir. of Lay Activities                    Candace Martin
Dir. of Public Relations               Royce B. Smith
Greater Ft. Worth District          Dollye Starr-Thomas
Paul Quinn District                     Royce B. Smith
Thomas C. Rockeymore
Southwest Texas Conference President
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President                                  Thomas C. Rockeymoore
1st Vice President                    William A. Taylor
Recording Secretary                Deirdre D. Rockeymoore
Treasurer                                  Vanessa Crawford
Financial Secretary                  Patricia Ritcherson
Dir. of Public Relations             Willie Taylor, Sr.
Austin Capital District Pres.      Vickie Houston
San Antonio District Pres.         Thomas Rockeymoore
Past Conference Presidents
– Vanessa Crawford
– Shirley Harris
– Dr. Rodrick Moore  2004-2012
– Oliver W. Hill
Ruben Braziel II
 Texas Conference President
1827 Hamlin Valley Drive
Houston, Texas 77090
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President                                  Ruben Braziel II
1st Vice President                    Leon McGlockton
2nd Vice President                   Jadon Butler III
3rd Vice President                    Pam Tilley
Recording Secretary                TBA
Asst. Recording Secretary        Aquilla Williams
Corresponding Secretary         Shirleen Owens
Treasurer                                   Emma Hogan
Financial Secretary                   Larry Taylor
Chaplin                                      Terry Gray
Historiographer                         Willie Hollie
Parliamentarian                         Barbara Johnson
Dir. of Lay Activities                  Joel Scott
Dir. of Public Relations             TBA
Young Adult Representative    TBA